Uncle Sam's Misguided Children

Patriotic Apparel for all Children of Uncle Sam's. 

Why Choose Us?

We are a U.S. Marine Veteran owned brand for all Children of Uncle Sam’s. Our goal is for every PATRIOTIC AMERICAN to join our Tribe, share our stories and wear our American Made apparel with pride. For every child of Uncle Sam’s to feel a sense of pride in our American values and defend the sacred symbols that make us the greatest country in the world.

We are a community, a tribe of patriotic Americans, children of Uncle Sam’s, who support uncensored freedom with independent and non-politically correct content that defends our Constitutional values. Our opinion-based forum is our own bias on trending issues affecting our country. 

Our company has raised millions of dollars in hurricane and disaster relief. We have fed our Military in special operations. We have raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for first responders, Veteran non profits and American citizens who have needed our help. We will always take care of our own. 

Our members consist of all the children of Uncle Sam’s: civilians and veterans from all branches of the military, first responders, all races, religions, and creeds. WE ARE EVERYWHERE! WE ARE “ONE OF OURS”!

About Us

Rick Ferran

store owner

Uncle Sam's Misguided Children apparel brand was created by Rick Ferran a US Marine Veteran 0311 who served honorably with 3/7 Lima Company between 93-97. Rick Ferran is also a Communism Survivor who escaped communism at the age of 13. Because of his experience and love for every American Patriot and the USA, he created  Uncle Sam's Misguided Children to motivate strong patriotic sentiment in our society. Our brand supports all Veterans, First Responders, Military and every "ONE OF OURS" patriotic citizen no matter their race, gender, or religion. Uncle Sam's Misguided Children Tribe takes the responsibility of protecting and defending our constitutional rights by the actions we take to continue educating each individual American citizen what it means to be AMERICA FIRST! Come Join our Tribe and Wear Our Brand with Pride. You will be supporting small Veteran owned business and the American way of life.